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Sit back and enjoy a few hours of assured relaxation and harmony listening to the ever popular masterpieces of famous composers in the splendidly festive atmosphere of a full house.“ Read more …
Eva-Maria Hohenfels

This has always been the key motivation behind the series of POPULAR CONCERTS founded by Prof. Victor Hohenfels and his wife Eva-Maria more than 50 years ago.
From the very beginning, these concerts have always attracted such large audiences that it has been possible to stage them without any subsidies or grants whatsoever over the past 50 years. Today these popular concerts presented in the Berlin Philharmonic Hall contribute in no small part to making the German capital the major centre for the performing arts that it is. Over three million concertgoers from Berlin and the whole world have attended these concerts over the past five decades.
The name of the series is simple and self-explanatory – in a subscription series of seven concerts a bill of fare of the most famous and popular works from the world of classical music is presented to the audience, grouped around themes such as „Symphonies of the World“, „Composer Portraits“ or „Classic and Romantic Masterpieces“.
The traditional concerts held over the Christmas season and Easter include such well loved evergreens as Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony, Beethoven’s Eroica, and Ravel’s Boléro, while New Year’s Day is reserved for Beethoven’s Ninth with its Ode to Joy final movement.
Berlin Symphony Orchestra with its Principal Conductor Stanley Dodds and all its other famous conductors and solists have performed since the very beginning in the marvelous auditorium of the Berlin Philharmonic Hall, one of the world’s most beautiful concert halls with its unrivalled superb acoustic.
So why not come along yourself and experience the sheer magic our Popular Concerts have to offer.
We would be delighted to see you!

Bogdan Sikora and staff
Berlin Symphony Orchestra


Dear Concertgoers,

you are warmly invited to our CLASSICS FOR EVERYONE 60 YEARS ANNIVERSARY 2017/2018 concert season.



Once again, we would like to thank you, dear public, for your loyalty and for attending our concerts in such large numbers. In fact up to today over 3 million guests from Berlin, as well as from every corner of the world, have been our guests at CLASSICS FOR EVERYONE-POPULAR CONCERTS.

Our successful collaboration with members of the Berliner Philarmoniker will continue once more throughout the new season. It is always a great honour and pleasure for us to present several of these outstanding artists, soloists and conductors.

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Through this 60th anniversary we aim to honor the work of our founders, Mrs. Eva-Maria and Mr. Prof. Victor Hohenfels. For this special occasion we decided to present all Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9 symphonies in 9 concerts, which will naturally represent the whole season’s artistic focus.

These concerts are going to be entirely conducted by BERLIN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA’s Principal Conductor Stanley Dodds and reserved for top-class soloists.

Following the Opening Concert on September 24 we will enjoy the Mozart concert „Wolfgang Amadé – a musical genius“ on October 14: among other pieces the world-famous Symphony in G minor KV 550. In addition to Andreas Wittmann conducting you will be able to appreciate the excellent violin soloist Kotowa Machida. Both of them are members of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

On November 18, on the occasion of „Stars of tomorrow“ you will encounter three outstanding talents: Paloma So Chin Cham, a violin virtuoso with only 15 years, a pupil of world renown Prof. Zakhar Bron, the 15 years old pianist Ron Maxim Huang, first prize at this year’s Jugend-musiziert-Wettbewerbs in Berlin and the 19 years old horn soloist Ben Goldscheider, winner at the BBC Young Musician Competition 2016 in London.

 On December 2 you will swing together with BRASS BAND BERLIN for Advent and during Christmas you will enjoy the traditional 4 concerts: first the Opera and Operetta concert on December 25 at 4 pm and then at night Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony for the Beethoven’s concert cycle.

On December 26 you will feel the Hollywood mood with „Famous film music from the world“ and then later in the evening the „Night of popular concertos“.

In this concert you will hear Bruch’s famous First violin concerto in an execution of the well-known violinist Christoph Koncz, member of the Wiener Philharmoniker, and the „Organ Symphony“ from Saint-Saëns and Ravel’s Bolèro, all under the baton of Andreas Wittman.

The new year 2018 will start with our traditional concert: Beethoven’s 9th with the „Ode to joy“.

World celebrated violin virtuoso Guy Braunstein will enchant you on February 2, 2018 with his „romantic jewels“.

„Classic meets Romantic“ on Febraury 10 and „Barock and Romantic Masterpieces“ on Febraury 17 are the titles referring to celebrated works from famous composers, conducted from Simon Rössler and Stephan Koncz, both members of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

For the festive concert in honour of BERLIN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA’s 60th anniversary on March 10 under the baton of Principal Conductor Stanley Dodds, the highlight will be Beethoven’s famous „Eroica“. You are specially invited to attend this concert!

In occasion of „Memories of Astor Piazzolla“ on March 17 the pianist Gustavo Beytelmann will introduce you into the world of Argentinian Tangos.

On Easter Sunday, April 1, we present you two concerts in the Main Hall of Berliner Philharmonie: „Great popular masterpieces“, a fireworks of musical gems and the world’s best horn soloist, Radek Baborák, who will perform in the double role of soloist and conductor. In addition to this the outstanding opera concert „Virtuoso world of opera“.

During the concert „Haydn with humour“ on April 14 you will explore this side of „Papa Haydn“ together with the actor Thomas and his brother and conductor Andreas Wittmann. You are kindly invited to this encounter of music and literature.

The new Cello soloist of the Berliner Philharmoniker, Bruno Delepelaire, will be heard in Beethoven’s „Triple concerto“ on April 28 in the main Hall.

The brilliant Closing Concert on June 9 with a rich list of famous works of history’s greates composers is a total „must“ for every classics lover!

We wish you an unforgettable experience with our Anniversary concert season of CLASSICS FOR EVERYONE in the Berliner Philharmonie.



Next concerts

SUN | 24.09.2017 | 5 pmOpening concertPHILHARMONIE BERLIN | GROSSER SAAL

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Opening concert


SUN | 24.09.2017 | 5 pm

Wagner„Wach auf“, chorus from „Meistersinger von Nürnberg“
BeethovenSymphony No. 8 in F major
StraussHorn concerto No. 1 in E-flat major
HolstJupiter from „Planeten“ 
BruchRomance for viola and orchestra
Orff: CARMINA BURANA, end chorus
Conductor: Stanley DoddsPrincipal Conductor
Julia Gartemann, Viola
Stefan de Leval JezierskiHorn  
Svatopluk Ćech, Drums
Sinfonischer Chor Berlin, conductorUlrich Paetzholdt
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