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Dear concertgoers,

we are delighted to invite you to our concert season 2021-2022 in Berlin’s Philharmonic Hall, as always according to the motto:

„Sit back and enjoy a few hours of assured relaxation and harmony listening to the ever popular masterpieces of famous composers in the splendidly festive atmosphere of a full house.“ 

Once again, we would like to thank you, dear public, for your loyalty and for attending our concerts in such large numbers. In fact up to today over 3.5 million guests from Berlin, as well as from every corner of the world, have been our guests at CLASSICS FOR EVERYONE.

Our successful collaboration with members of the Berliner Philarmoniker will continue once more throughout the new season. It is always a great honour and pleasure for us to present several of these outstanding artists, soloists and conductors.

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Though our 2021-2021 concert season did not run as expected due to the Corona pandemic, we are looking forward to welcoming you back in beloved and „sacred“ Berlin’s Philharmonic Halls!

To those who helped us finantially goes once again our gratitude (refund will take place while placing orders for next season).

 The new concert season will start with the joyful Opening-Concert on October 3, 2021 and a string of famous musical moments, from Beethoven’s Egmont overture and Third Symphony to Ravel’s Boléro. As soloist Ödön Rácz, double-bass in the Wiener Philharmoniker Orchestra and Daniel Dodds playing on his Stradivari. Conducting the concert will be Stanley Dodds, Principal Conductor of Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

The cycle Famous Instrumental Concerts will start on October 23 with the concert Der Glanz der Trompete, a concert dedicated to trumpet with outstanding musical personalities belonging to the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra: Andre Schoch as soloist and Simon Bernardini as conductor. Included in the concert will be Händel’s „Music for the royal fireworks“.

 Great Popular Masterpieces: On November 28 we will present the overture „Romeo and Juliet“ and Tschaikowsky’s Fourth Symphony. Conductor and soloist will be world’s major horn specialist, Radek Baborák.

 The traditional four Christmas concerts will start on December 25 at 4 pm with the beloved Opera and Operetta Concert. At 8 pm Hollywood is your guest in Berlin, a film music concert introduced and conducted by Scott Lawton.

On December 26 at 4 pm we will experience a real highlight of the season: Philharmonix, a world-level ensamble with members of both Wiener and Berliner Philharmoniker, with the brand new Casino Royal – James Bond in Berlin’s Philharmonic Hall. Following last concert’s acclamations, we are looking forward to a successfull and high class performance.

For the Popular Concerts on December 26 at 8 pm, under the baton of Stanley Dodds, we will close our Christmas season with Beethoven’s Seventh, Mozart’s Sinfonia concertante for violin and viola, Gershwin’s „Porgy und Bess“-Suite and Ravel’s Boléro. As soloists, among others, the fantastic violin virtuoso Noah Bendix-Balgley, Berliner Philharmoniker’s concert master.

 We will then start in a joyful way the new year 2022 with the traditional Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, conducted by our Principal Conductor Stanley Dodds.

On January 15 will take place Famous Concertos for woodwind instruments, condcuted by Simon Rössler, also a member of Berliner Philharmoniker.

On March 12 a very special event: Southamerican Night, a voyage celebrating Astor Piazzolla’scentenary with world-famous jazz singer Lily Dahab, conducted by Raphael Haeger (Berliner Philharmoniker).

 Beloved Famous Piano Concertos with works by Mozart, Grieg and Rachmaninoff do not miss off our list and will be presented on March 26 with excellents soloists and the conduction of Andreas Wittmann.

Our traditional two Easter concerts will take place one April 17 with Famous Opera Choirs at 4 pm and a premiere at 8 pm: Broadway is your guest in Berlin, with the best songs from musicals such as „Cabaret“, „West Side Story“, „Mary Poppins“, „Evita“, „Phantome of the opera“ and „My Fair Lady“. As performers, award-winning Amelie Dobler und Michael Heller, with Christian Köhler conducting out Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

On April 30 it will be time for other Berliner Philharmoniker members to take the stage, as Cornelia Gartemann, Anna Mehlin and Christoph von der Nahmer will offer their interpretation of the most Famous Violin Concertos by Haydn, Mendelssohn and Tschaikowsky. Conductor will be Daniel Stabrawa,  Berliner Philharmoniker’s concert master.

Our concert season will end on May 15 with the traditional festive Closing Concert, conducted by Principal Conductor Stanley Dodds. Famous pieces will include Liszt’s „Les Préludes“ and „Capriccio espagnol“, in addition to Ravel’s Boléro, as tradition imposes, but also Liszt’s virtuoso Piano Concerto n. 1 with famous soloist Özgür Aydin.


We promise you: Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation and Konzertdirektion Prof. Victor Hohenfels will implement any necessary step to guarantee your safety, with the best technology in place to ensure air quality and appropriate disinfection, without compromising your artistic experience.

We wish you an unforgettable time during our concerts and we are at your disposal in answering any question that might arise.



Concert Management Prof. Victor Hohenfels