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Dear concertgoers,

we are delighted to invite you to our new concert season 2018-2019 in Berlin’s Philharmonic Hall, as always according to the motto:

„Sit back and enjoy a few hours of assured relaxation and harmony listening to the ever popular masterpieces of famous composers in the splendidly festive atmosphere of a full house.“ 

Once again, we would like to thank you, dear public, for your loyalty and for attending our concerts in such large numbers. In fact up to today over 3.5 million guests from Berlin, as well as from every corner of the world, have been our guests at CLASSICS FOR EVERYONE.

Our successful collaboration with members of the Berliner Philarmoniker will continue once more throughout the new season. It is always a great honour and pleasure for us to present several of these outstanding artists, soloists and conductors.

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Following the huge success of our “Beethoven cycle” throughout the last anniversary season, we decided to offer all four Brahms symphonies and other few orchestral works from the great composer: a 7-concert cycle which will surely become an artistic milestone of the new season.

All these concerts will be conducted by SINFONIE ORCHESTER BERLIN’s Principal Conductor Stanley Dodds and will host top-class soloists.

The new concert season starts with a brilliant Opening Concert on September 23 with a firework of famous masterpieces. As soloists you will have the possibility to admire Noah Bendix-Balgley and Wenzel Fuchs, concertmaster and first solo clarinet of the Berliner Philharmoniker, respectively.

On September 30 at 4 pm will follow Classic & Romantic masterpieces under the baton of Andreas Wittmann with the outstanding Silver-Garburg Piano Duo.

Meeting the classics is the title of the concert on October 28 (4pm), that will include, among other works, Beethoven’s Eroica.

The beloved Great popular masterpieces concert on November 10 will present to the public Tschaikowsky’s Overture 1812, Addinsell’s Warschauer Concert and An American in Paris by Gershwin. BERLIN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA will be conducted by Christian Köhler.

Romantic masterpieces on November 24 will offer to our beloved public Dvořák’s cello concert and Schumann’s Symphony No. 3 (Rhenish) in the interpretation of Stephan and Thomas Koncz. One week later, on December 1, Mussorgsky ‘s Pictures of an exhibition and the world’s best known piano concerto of all times, Tschaikowsky’s First Piano Concerto.

Our traditional Christimas Concerts start on December 25 at 4 pm with the beloved Opera and Operetta concert, followed by Hollywood is your guest in Berlin at 8 pm, with conductor and presenter Scott Lawton.

On December 26 (4 pm) will return the family concert Christmas night dream and later at 8 pm Night of popular classics, with Händel’s Water music, Beethoven’s Fifth and Ravel’s Boléro. As soloists the members of the Berliner Philharmoniker orchestra Stephan Koncz, cello, und Christoph Koncz, violin, for a concert conducted by Thomas Koncz, well known to our public.

As always, the new year will start with the traditions New Year Concert and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with its “Ode to joy”, conducted by Stanley Dodds, Principal Conductor.

A special event will be the encounter between music and literature on January 19 in the Chamber Music Hall

Mozart & Salieri, a criminal story?

Here well known actor Thomas Wittmann will reveal to you the secrets of the Mozart-Salieri relationship. Among others, you will listen to Mozart’s Harp Symphony and Serenade for Orchestra No. 9 as well as Salieri’s Concerto for flute and oboe in the interpretation of Yasuko Fuchs and Monica Carrasco-Wittmann. The musical conduction is from Andreas Wittmann, member of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

For the Brahms Cycle concert on February 3 we will be enchanted by the violin virtuoso Guy Braunstein and on February 9 you will be able to enjoy the world known Philharmonix ensemble, comprising members of the Berliner and Wiener Philharmoniker. Special arrangements of famous pieces will be heard during „Rhapsody in blue –  from Vienna cafés to the Big Apple: a musical journey”.

Next appointment of the Brahms Cycle is on February 16, with the famous Concerto for violin in D major in the interpretation of Daniel Dodds on his Stradivari violin. In addition, the Symphony No. 1 by the great German composer.

The Romantic concert on Febraury 24 will take you to the world of Romanticism with Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony and Tschaikowsky’s Symphony No. 5. The concert will be conducted by the great horn soloist and conductor Radek Baborák.

Carnival’s concert “Silly pleasure” awaits you on March 1 with Brass Band Berlin and their Music with humour, charme and frack! and on March 16 Schumann’s Spring Symphony and the well known Piano concerto No. 2 by Rachmaninow will open the new year’s season.

 „Weber and Beethoven-two musical worlds” is the title of the concert on March 23, including Beethoven’s Pastorale, and on April 6 you will taste our classic and romantic specialties with Tschaikowsky’s Rokoko variations and Nutcracker suite.

On April 13 is time for the already traditional “Stars of tomorrow” with young talented instrumentalists, under the baton of Christoph Koncz, member of the Wiener Philharmoniker.

On April 21 (Easter Sunday) we will host a special highlight of the season: the “Famous opera choirs” (at 4 pm) with Amsterdam Opera Choir and, in the evening, the Oscars of film music, presented by American conductor Scott Lawton.

Our concert season will close on May 5 with the traditional Festive closing concert and a firework of masterpieces by the biggest composers of all time. BERLIN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA will be conducted by Stanley Dodds, Principal Conductor.

We wish you an unforgettable experience through the new season of POULAR CLASSICS in Berlin’s Philharmonic Hall.